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Mobile and broadband connectivity has played a crucial role throughout the pandemic. It ensured a huge amount of the workforce could work remotely from home.

Smart Healthcare Solutions - Part 4

In Part 2 & 3 of our smart healthcare series, we discussed from a regulatory compliance perspective to show how a solution meets the regulations and performs with high safety standards.

What Is ICT? Innovation & Trends

Information and communications technology(ICT) is a term to describe general-purpose technology (GPT), which includes the role of unified communications and integrations of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals).

Smart Healthcare Solutions - Part 3

Electronic technologies have been making a significant impact for years in the medical sector. It increases health and medical services by utilizing high-tech equipment to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients.

Smart Healthcare Solutions - Part 2

In the previous article, (Part 1, ) we drew a big picture of smart healthcare and addressed what kind of technologies will be applied as the solutions for different scenarios. Today, we wanted to introduce one of the most popular devices- the panel PC, and how it is applied to smart healthcare solutions.

Smart Healthcare Solutions - Part 1

Smart health care is important and is destined to become a hot topic, especially in a time of the global pandemic, smart health care became an accelerated trend. Many companies are developing products and technologies.

Smart Factory for intelligent Manufacturing- Part 6

Factory automation is the main development for Industry 4.0. A key element is to build an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and link factory production equipment to the network so the system can obtain the conditions data of machines in...

Smart Factory for intelligent Manufacturing- Part 5

Ruggedized Computers In the previous article of our series, we introduced rackmount computers which can provide an organized working station or stable & high-performance systems.

Smart Factory for intelligent Manufacturing- Part 4

To deliver a solution for a variety of smart factory workloads, such as machine automation, manufacturing equipment, and autonomous robotics needs to be ruggedly designed.

Smart Factory for intelligent Manufacturing- Part 3

Previously in our series of Smart Factory for Intelligent Manufacturing, we elaborated Computer-on-Module (COM) or System-on-Module (SOM) is the most popular and excellent high-performance computing solution for various industrial applications.

Smart Factory for intelligent Manufacturing- Part 2

The fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0, aka IIoT, Industry Internet of Things) is here to stay.

Smart Factory for intelligent Manufacturing- Part 1

Technological advancements brought innovations in several industrial fields.

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