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For those applications that are exposing to harsh environmental circumstances to meet durable and reliable operation needs, the system needs to be capable of running heavy workloads while surviving in extreme temperature, dusty, or corrosive conditions. A fan-less design combines with industrial-grade embedded technology device has enabled the advancement of such tough applications. 

Industrial solutions are tightly related to IoT solutions that involve heavy computing tasks such as AI, machine learning, edge computing. When the outdoor installation is required, a compact(fan-less) design also needs to consider its expandability. Customers can increase their computing capabilities by adding memories, storage, input ports for your specific demand. Meanwhile, it is configured with inputs such as USB ports, serial ports, independent display ports, etc. That said, the fan-less design is significantly expandable and flexible for applications in healthcare, transportation, automation, and various fields.   

Netio has decades of proven experience in medical devices. The services we provide to our customers are with a scalable fan-less PC which is the best fit for their requirements. There have been many success stories with our customers in transportation and automation systems.

Our fanless ruggedize solution meets

Low power consumption, high performance

Compact and excellent cooling design

Intel® series processor

Custom I/O


High expandability, multiple PCIe/PCI ports

With many years of experience in embedded solutions and success stories. We provide high performance and quality “total solution” from design, industry level component selection, to manufacture.

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