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IIoT Solution

IIoT Solution

IIoT Solutions

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Success in a Simple IoT Solution

Our team-up solution has been approved with Modbus protocols, MQTT, OPC UA, SECS/GEM and AWS Cloud Managed Services.

Unlocking IoT Across Industries

Our cutting-edge IoT solutions transcend traditional boundaries, catering to a wide spectrum of industries. From precision farming in agriculture to seamless factory automation, our adaptable technology empowers efficiency and informed decision-making. Whether you’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), part of the energy sector, or involved in logistics, our IoT ecosystem ensures reliability and innovation.

Enhancing Operations in Outdoor Environments

Our IoT technology extends beyond brick-and-mortar settings. In remote fields, where infrastructure is scarce, our sensors monitor air quality, wildlife habitats, and more. Additionally, we optimize transportation networks, track shipments, and streamline healthcare operations. Trust us to transform your industry with data-driven insights and real-time connectivity.

Solutions For IoT Solution

Single Board Computer

X86 / ARM

Industrial Computer


Industrial Panel PC | HMI

Touch Monitor / HMI / Panel PC

PoE Switch

Indoor 100M, 1,000M, Outdoor

We can do more than that!

Custom Design

Netiotek specializes in creating custom embedded systems that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our area of expertise includes x86 single boards, COM Express® Type 10, SMARC®, Qseven, baseboards, MCU control boards, FPGA, I/O boards, analog & digital conversion, and power management.

Check out the video to see our seccess story.

Check Out Our Success Story In Embedded System Design

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