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The developments and trends in international maritime transport affect trade and national defense.


The speed of innovation is increasing, particularly with the rise of new digital industrial technologies known as Industry 4.0, underpinned by transformational technologies of the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). These systems are combinations of several major innovations in digital technology poised to transform industry. The technologies include cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, sophisticated sensors, data capture and analytics, advanced robotics, and artificial intelligence.



A main trend is to upgrade integrated bridge system (IBS) for more efficient and intelligent management. With a high-performance computer can improve the diverse communication ports in the navigation and provide real-time information for safety control.

For maritime application, it is vital to consider 24/7 continuous operation under extreme weather/ temperature conditions and turbulent environments. An industrial-grade computer is the most reliable choice when it is DNV certified and complies with industry standards. That means the computer is qualified with extreme ruggedness. To enable IoT and cloud application, the technology of edge computing is now accessible. It also enhances the implementation of an intelligent system and can enable IoT and cloud applications. Its enriching functions can deliver optimized efficiency. An IBS becomes cost-effective.


Netio provides the embedded system with IEC EN60945 compliant, anti-vibration capability, and wide temperature operation. It is reliable under such tough and complex environment.

Our marine solution meets

-40°C to 80 °C wide operating temperature

Anti-vibration & Shock-protection, IP65, Anti-corrosion
High performance processor
Versatile interface
Viewability in day and night, 360-degree viewable display
With many years of experience in embedded solution and successful stories. We provide a high performance and quality “total solution” from design, industry level component selection, to manufacture.

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