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The concept of Industry 4.0 is considered a smart factory that integrates the applications throughout the hardware, software, and system. As the ICT industry reaches maturity, intelligent manufacturing is coming to reality.
Intelligent Manufacturing

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Techniques that make Industry 4.0 era

Smart manufacturing makes information readily available and visible. Visibility brought a radical transformation. Real-time information shortens decision-making time and increases the speed of the manufacturing process. Collected data and data analysis provide higher operational flexibility. Once the performance of all processes became more foreseeable, frequent changes that come from customized requirements are reachable and profitable. 



Digitization was the key step toward automation because the information has to be available and digestible to any automation technologies before it can be automated. The progress of automation began from hard/fixed automation to programmable automation. The core of digitalization is data collecting from machines on how they are functioning, monitoring energy use, and tracking resource efficiency. It then helps predict when and what maintenance is needed, allowing manufacturers to better prevent shortages and line stops. 
The solution to it is combining the current automation structure with sensors so sensors can capture and send data then manufacturers can use to implement changes and quickly respond to customer demands.

Solutions for Digitalization

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