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NETIO Technologies

Mission & Vision

Vision & Mission

Be the best partner for our customers in the global IPC industry for years to come.

Netio was established in 2004. We focus on design services for companies that require outsourcing their design jobs and provide customized products (ODM service).

CPU Board

RISC / X86 / SOC

Heat Module

Heat Sink / Heat Pipe

Mechanism- ID

System integration

System Design

Netio had done many projects and serve major Industrial computer companies and we have many experiences on X86, RISC based system for industrial environment standard working temperature range, extended working temperature range, and/or rugged application for maritime and outdoors applications.

To achieve our vision, we keep improving our skill :

To be trusted provider. Customers can focus on their core value and accelerate the schedule of go-to-market. All Netio’s products high reliability and longevity.

Enhancing the quality of our solutions throughout whole processes from product concept design to mass production.

Developing in new trends of industrial-grade technologies and marketing information.


Netio Technologies

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