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NETIO Technologies

NETIO Technologies

NETIO Technologies

Your Best Design Partner

Netio designs a series of all in one panel PCs, rugged box PCs, and embedded
motherboards. These industrial grade solutions deliver powerful computing
performance, expansibility, high storage capacity, reliability, solid design, and cost effectiveness.

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Netio was established in 2004. We focus on design services for companies that require outsourcing their design jobs and provide customized products (ODM service).


Our mission is to keep our commitment and quality and provide the best products and services to customers.



Accommodated healthcare EN/IEC60601 requirements


DNV, IEC EN60945

Fanless & Smart Factory

IP65, High expandability, multiple PCIe/PCI ports

Intelligent Transportation

According to EN 50155 / EN 50121, MIL-STD 810F-514.5

iFactory / Manufacturing

Ultra-low power battery-less wireless sensing

Industrial & Telecom Servers

5G, Vehicle-to-everything, LPWA


Netiotek 2022 in Review

Strengthen in Asia, Growth in Middle East Europe. A Best Partner for Intelligent Healthcare & Automation..

2023 Happy New Year!

We look forward to continuing this partnership in 2023!

Netiotek Compact Fanless PC- NEX86-6412

Netiotek Compact Fanless PC is designed with low power consumption components and powered by Intel® Celeron®...

Smart Factory-Netiotek

Intelligent Manufacturing

The concept of Industry 4.0 is considered a smart factory that integrates the applications throughout the hardware, software, and system.

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Sample Service

Netiotek has decades of experience in electronic manufacturing & industrial-grade computer system design.


We offer from design to mass production service (ODM service), and whole customized boards, embedded systems, and rugged computers.

CPU Mother board

RISC / X86 / SOC

Heatsink Module

Heat Sink / Heat Pipe

Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Design

System Integration

System Design

Netio provides customers with high-quality, customized solutions in various harsh, complicated, and regulatory compliance environment applications. The solutions include embedded boards, all-in-one PCs or box PCs, and a set of systems, etc.

Netio Technologies

Your Best Design Partner !