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COM Express

COM Express





Data Center


Temperature -40 to 85°C

Support 1 GB DDR2 400 /533 SDRAM

2 x SATA

Size 70*70(mm)

1 x SSD

8 x USB2.0


The performance of hardware design is important


With the inception of big data analysis, edge computing, and artificial intelligence (AI), manufacturers are embracing intelligent automation where the collection of big data is of great importance. The performance of hardware design is the key to associate the latest technologies with industrial applications.

High performance and rugged design improve reliability


Industrial computers often operate under more tough conditions, such as extreme cold or hot weather, underwater, high vibration, and strong ambient magnetic/ electric field. Embedding a computer in the product/ system that meets the requirements needs to consider high performance and rugged design for reliability together.

Benefits of using Computer-on-Board:

1.Accelerate time-to-market. The development of specific use products or solutions may focus on the core value of the product and just let the CoMs take care of the essential design commodities.

2.Optimize product development cost. Enhance product’s profit margin by leveraging economies of scale and reducing project costs, with an off-the-shelf CoMs.

3.Use proven solutions. Eliminate significant development risk by using a reliable solution.

4.Access to the latest technology. Regularly and quickly updated CoMs make the products and solutions stand out from the competition.


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