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Industrial Panel PC | HMI

Industrial Panel PC | HMI

Industrial touch screens and computers streamline human-machine interaction, cutting training costs and boosting efficiency. They enable realtime monitoring and data collection, all while taking up less space than traditional controls, thus simplifying equipment layout.


In sectors like transportation, energy management, and healthcare, these technologies are pivotal. They optimize traffic flow, improve energy efficiency, and enhance healthcare operations, making work environments more organized.

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Nextech (formerly branded as Yuanxin Technology) focuses on designing
and producing various display products, including screens, kiosks, industrial
monitors, outdoor displays, all-in-one computers, and customized display
products. They emphasize quality, offering both large-scale production and
small-scale customization. With extensive practical experience, they provide
optimized solutions tailored to customer needs. Nextech’s designs are
adopted by multiple government agencies, schools, large companies in
Taiwan, and a listed company in Japan

Fatek Automation Corporation, established in 1992 by experienced PLC engineers, focuses on high-quality, user-friendly automation products, including PLCs, HMIs, IoT solutions, SCADA software, OPC servers, and power supplies. Renowned for quality and reliability, Fatek continually innovates to expand its offerings. With top-tier R&D talent and resources, the company invests in new technologies to maintain competitiveness and enhance user experience while ensuring product reliability and quality.

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