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While there have been vast advances in embedded and bio-sensing technology, the implementations also have been vertically integrated with IoT applications. Smart healthcare applications have broadly expanded to humans, and the demand is increasing.


Medical electrical equipment requires to meet series of technical standards for the safety and essential performance of medical electrical equipment. Industrial grade products that meet medical EN/IEC60601 would be a baseline for a successful solution to address the needs of smart healthcare. With its high reliability, low noise, lightweight, and superior capability, it can be adopted in many scenarios. Such as the nurse carts, nursing stations, point-of-care terminals, bedside terminals, and medical systems. 

Techniques that make Smart Healthcare

Netio provides a total solution to accommodate healthcare EN/IEC60601 requirements. With FMEA report for medical equipment design process document like DFEA, all products are equipped with anti-bacteria chassis and IP65 design for easy cleaning. The high readable touch screen can be operated while wearing gloves. Multiple I/O designs are convenient for communication. 

Our healthcare solution meets

Fan-less design with IP-rating protection for superior hygiene and infection control

Anti-bacteria surface of system chassis

Multiple I/O, meet with EN/IEC 60601 ultra-low leakage current

Precision ultra low-level analog signal conversion

Multiple OS porting

Lightweight portable design experience

Netio has decades of proven experience in medical devices. The services we provide to our customers are of high quality and with long-term support. Furthermore, the flexible OEM/ODM cooperation pattern provides customers the option of choosing products that best fit their requirements.

Healthcare Solutions

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