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Smart Healthcare Solutions – Series Part 2

Smart Healthcare Solutions – Series Part 2

Smart Healthcare Solutions - Series Part 2

In the previous article, (Part 1, ) we drew a big picture of smart healthcare and addressed what kind of technologies will be applied as the solutions for different scenarios. Today, we wanted to introduce one of the most popular devices- the panel PC, and how it is applied to smart healthcare solutions.
Monitor display provides visualized information that lets healthcare providers read medical records more quickly and also lets patients get more understandable information. Integrating IoT technologies, electronic medical records (EMRs, or electronic health records, EHRs) can be transited with portability and accessibility. Doctors and nurses can use real-time snapshots of a patient’s status. This is the so-called IoMT (internet of medical things). 

A smart healthcare solution also needs the right IoT of security and communications infrastructure, patient locations, vitals, and even MRIs or ultrasound images can be streamed wirelessly to mobile panel PCs or monitors used by healthcare providers. As for hospital scenarios, a dramatically improved efficiency is the dynamic EMRs that healthcare staff can access when they need as patients move from intake to hospital rooms to operating rooms to recovery centers and are eventually discharged.


Given the high performance and efficient connectivity on a mobile touch panel PC, the main criteria include medical-grade, robust, noise blocked, and interference reduced. This is especially critical as smart hospitals experience an increasing amount of electrical, electronic, and RF emissions. 


For a smart healthcare solution provider or system integrator to provide medical-grade touch panel PCs, the products need to be packaged in an IP-65 rated, microbial-resistant housing, complete with sealed front bezels and a fanless architecture. With these features, the devices can minimize the likelihood of infections. 


To ensure hospital operators, who manage facilities and equipment that must be operational 24/7, never experience downtime. Commonly required certifications are,

1.IEC-60601-1 certification, safety, and essential performance of medical electrical equipment.

2.FCC, CE, and VCCI certifications,  proper wireless operation within acceptable RF emissions limits.

3.Energy Star compliance, efficient power consumption.


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