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Industrial & Telecom Servers

Upcoming wireless network communication technologies like 5G, Vehicle-to-everything (V2X), long-range wireless power, Low-power wide-area (LPWA) networks,and wireless sensing, those wireless technologies will bring several groundbreaking applications into our life. Addressing ourselves to the new trend needs to consider optimizing the whole telecom system from center to edge. It is necessary to implement a solution consolidating high computing performance but low delayed transmission with stable safety, reliability, and duration. Our goal is to offer economic and flexible solutions which can be capable with more and more broad bandwidth, and base transceiver stations.

Telecom products are commonly equipped in limited spaces, so the processor needs to support a wide range of temperature, and the mainboard design usually is industrial grade.

Combining with AI and Edge Computing technologies, the critical quality is to maintain a steady speed of communication when coping with huge data processing. An effortless way to secure the ROI and also transfer it into smart communication is by using an interface that supports PCI, ISA, and other old I/O ports. 

Our Industrial & Telecom Servers solution meets


Anti-vibration & Shock-protection

-40°C to 55 °C wide operating temperature

Outdoor ruggedness against weather changes and lighting surge 

With many years of experience in embedded solutions and success stories. We provide high performance and quality “total solution” from design, industry level component selection, to manufacture. 

Industrial & Telecom Servers solutions


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