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Smart Healthcare Solutions – Series Part 3

Smart Healthcare Solutions – Series Part 3

Smart Healthcare Solutions - Series Part 3


Power Management – DC/DC Isolated Converter 

Electronic technologies have been making a significant impact for years in the medical sector. It increases health and medical services by utilizing high-tech equipment to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients. Since IoMT (internet of medical things) has been a strong driver of medical innovation in recent years, devices or solutions need to consider the stringency of its regulations for improving the service and protecting healthcare providers & patients.
For safety concerns, the first thing is electromagnetic compatibility. Because it could be very dangerous if the emissions from one device interfered with the operation of other devices, it is extremely important to ensure the devices neither create excessive emissions nor are affected by emissions from other sources. Secondly, bioburden is also a key requirement to adhering to strict noise limitations and biocompatibility needs.
Bioburden, same as Bio-burden, as known as fouling, refers to the potential for bacteria to form on a given surface. In a hospital setting, bioburden can lead to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).
To prevent the issues above, designers of powered medical devices look to IEC 60601 legislation, the standard that has set out the rules for medical equipment. Meanwhile, medical devices also need to operate under some environmental requirements, no forced air is available, fan noise or the ingress of dirt is undesirable. With sophisticated thermal management design experience, the high-level efficiency includes reducing heat and transferring heat design. It minimizes waste heat and ensures the power supply can deliver full rated power at ambient temperatures up to +50ºC, even at low line input. 
Whether medical devices or total solutions, they all must deliver high-performing and reliable operations – recognizing that in the midst of the medical industry’s technological transformation, reliability remains the fundamental cornerstone of all medical equipment.
Netiotek provides two kinds of power converters and also offers tailor-made products, more details.
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