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Exhibition review – 2022 MSV International Engineering Fair (FATEK)

Exhibition review – 2022 MSV International Engineering Fair (FATEK)

2022 MSV International Engineering Fair


Netiotek combines our great partners’ capabilities to provide a variety of solutions in Intelligent Manufacturing.


FATEK Automation Corp. was established in 1992 in Taiwan and has strived for R&D in order to provide high-quality, high-function and user-friendly automatic control products. The product line focuses on PLC, HMI, IoT solutions, SCADA application software, OPC Server and power supply, etc. With our endeavors for decades, we are now well-recognized in the industry for high quality and reliability with the brand name of “FATEK.”


PLC FBs Series has more than 300 instructions which adopt a user friendly and readable multifunction structure. It can respond to automated applications quickly. HMI P5 series represent the high quality and reliability expected in the industrial automation market today. It also allows the read mounting of an integrated programmable controller saving space and installation cost. FvRT is a powerful and intuitive SCADA. With Windows’ capacity, it can be easily integrated with other automation equipment.

Fatek’s products have wildly used in car production line, food industry and textile industry and with many demonstrated success stories. The products also has tailored to specific projects such as High-speed Railway Sanitation System and Mask Production Machine.

Company SEA spol. s.r.o. is the distributor of FATEK in the Czech Republic, including technical support, programming and training.

It was founded in 1992 and specialize on development, production and distribution of electronics mainly in field of GSM applications. There is a team of specialists with years of experience in the field and can offers customized solutions that meet the individual requirements of individual customers.

SEA spol s.r.o’s products include GSM products, PLC, Wireless Control, WiFi products. And there services cover electronics development, PCB assembly, mechanical production, laser engraving, PLC programming, and ICT & FCT tester.


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