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Server Hardware Guide, How to select for your business?

Server Hardware Guide, How to select for your business?

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The boom of cloud computing services brings the wave of virtualization. Virtualization enables organizations to load virtual machines, boosts hardware utilization, and offers the ability to consolidate IT resources. So businesses of all sizes will be able to own and operate servers with easier access. When it comes to implementing the server system, which is the considerations for the hardware system? That’s today we would like to talk about.

Server Hardware Guide, How to select for your business?

There are three kinds of server hardware/mainframe designs. Tower servers, rack servers, and blade servers. Each one has its own different advantages. 
1. Tower servers
The enclosure of a tower server is just like a singular computer, which puts computing techniques in an upright standalone cabinet (called a “tower”). Yes, it is just like a personal desktop computer. The most benefit is it provides easier cooling compared with the other two dense type designs. As well as the inexpensive deployment cost, because there are several off-the-shelf products to select. However, the constraints also came from there. A tower server is much heavier and hard to expand or upgrade its capacity.
2. Rack servers
Rack servers are designed to be mounted in a modular rack design for efficient management and customizing. “Rack design” provides the convenience to remove or implement when it’s necessary. Also, it can tailor to limit space or future expansion. That’s why it becomes a common solution for the server room or data center. Since rack servers are generally stacked tightly, efficient cooling can be a challenge. A dedicated cooling design is demanded, so rack server solutions need industrial-grade design. To ensure stability and reliability. 
3. Blade servers
The figure for blade servers is similar to rack servers, but the design actually combines multiple thin modular circuit boards called server blades. The specific design makes each blade be cooled individually and has minimal wiring and low-power use. It offers some advantages such as lower storage space needs and simpler repair, other than rack servers.
Previously, we have discussed server-grade boards whether network cards or main boards for a hardware ware system. A server hardware architecture nees also consider its random access memory (RAM), connectivity, and storage. A best-fit design is to evaluate the needs and costs together, the help the business to leverage from a well-done system.
Netiotek has decades of experience in embedded computing. We have helped our telecom industry customers to design rack-mount server products and provided continuous support. Our sophisticated experience in embedded systems can help your product go to market quickly and economically.

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