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COM Express Module – Providing High Flexibility for Embedded System Designs

COM Express Module – Providing High Flexibility for Embedded System Designs

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COM Express Module

Providing High Flexibility for Embedded System Designs

COM Express Module - Providing High Flexibility for Embedded System Designs

When it comes to develop a new electronic product, the first thing to think of is how to make your product functions combining with the performance-fit embedded system. There are mainly two ways to fulfill it. One, develop your own single board (SBC). Two, using computer on module to design (COM).

Normally if you have time and product extension considerations, the selection will fall on COM (computer-on-module) design. Let’s take a closer look to get more information on what is COM.

What is COM Express?

The COM Express standard is a highly integrated single-board computer initially released by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) in 2005. The association categorizes module types into five, each implementing distinct pin configurations and feature sets on one or two 220-pin connectors. Additionally, the standard defines the module’s dimensions. Over time, the module size has expanded from the original two to four, offering compatibility within each module type while catering to a broader range of applications. COM Express provides mid-range edge processing and networking capabilities for automation, gaming, retail, transportation, robotics, healthcare, and other technology-oriented markets.

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  • Basic Type: The basic type module offers fundamental functionalities, suitable for cost-sensitive applications.
  • Compact Type: The compact type module features a smaller form factor, ideal for applications with limited space.
  • Extended Type: The extended type module provides additional features, catering to applications that require enhanced performance.
  • High-Performance Type: The high-performance type module delivers the utmost performance, suitable for applications with the most demanding requirements.
  • Basic Type: 95 x 125 mm
  • Compact Type: 95 x 95 mm
  • Extended Type: 110×155 mm
  • High-Performance Type: 145 x 200 mm

● Shortened Carrier Board Development Cycle

Accelerates product time-to-market by reducing the duration of carrier board development.

● Cost-Effective Development

Lowers overall development costs.

● Resource Concentration on Key Applications

Allows the concentration of resources on critical applications.

Applications of COM Express Modules:

Used for monitoring and controlling various facilities such as power plants, water treatment facilities, traffic systems, natural gas pipelines, and smart cities. These monitoring systems enable real-time data collection and processing to ensure the stability and safety of industrial operations.

Applied in medical instruments, medical imaging equipment, hospital management systems, providing more precise and efficient healthcare services.

Applicable in railway signal control systems, in-vehicle electronic equipment, rail traffic control systems, and aviation traffic control systems.

Used in train control systems, vehicle monitoring systems, train information systems, and train safety systems.

Utilized in military vehicles, unmanned systems, tactical control systems, radar systems, and communication systems.

Deployed in ship control systems, maritime monitoring systems, ship information systems, and maritime safety systems.

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Future Development of COM Express

In terms of specifications, future COM Express standards may support higher processor performance, faster storage speeds, and more extensive I/O functionalities. Regarding application domains, COM Express is expected to play a significant role in the control and operation of various devices in smart cities, encompassing IoT applications for sensors, controllers, and actuators. Additionally, it is anticipated to find broader applications in fields such as 5G base stations, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), and other emerging technologies.

COM Express Buying Guide

In terms of specifications, we offer the following recommendations based on your specific requirements:

  • For applications demanding high performance, consider selecting COM Express modules featuring the latest generation processors.
  • If your application requires substantial memory, opt for COM Express modules with larger memory capacities.
  • For applications necessitating rich I/O functionalities, choose COM Express modules with additional I/O interfaces.

Regarding form factors, we provide the following suggestions based on different application domains:

  • For applications to be installed in industrial equipment, consider selecting COM Express modules with Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX dimensions.
  • For applications in medical devices, opt for COM Express modules with Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX dimensions.
  • For applications in traffic equipment, choose COM Express modules with Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX dimensions.

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