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Industrial 5U box PC

Through previous articles, we realized that there is no doubt that the convenience of IIoT will become an essential part of our industry developments. Therefore, network reliability is a primary quality. Today we would like to discuss performance tester & measurement.
Transceiver Tester
Data centers around the world rely on optical transceivers to function properly.  Downtime cost is critical and the purpose of a tester is to ensure compliance and reliable performance. A transceiver tester is a comprehensive product to characterize and validate high-speed transceiver designs including electrical optimization, corner testing, CMIS validation, optical compliance, and real FEC analysis.
IP/Ethernet Testers
It normally incorporates the dual functionality of wire-speed performance analysis and network monitoring in the same instrument. Also, an IP/Ethernet tester designed with multiple protocols can be decoded and displayed for captured Ethernet, SONET, or SDH frames at full wire speed.
Network Analyzer Handheld
Handheld analyzer plays an important role. It is common with frequency coverage from 5kHz to 6 GHz for the harsh RF and physical environments of the field test. Whether it is for spectrum monitoring, broadcast proofing, interference analysis, RF and microwave measurement, etc.
WiFi Traffic Generator
It is for testing access points and other WIFI networks. The design can support up to a certain amount of stations per radio. Each of the virtual stations has its own IP address, IP port space, MAC address, and routing table. Advanced versions can be assigned to communicate to a particular access point or include 802.1X authentication.
All testers above (but not limited) need to be the industrial-grade rugged design that may support operating reliably in harsh environments with 24/7 operation. Especially to deploy at the edge, the environmental conditions are the basic level qualification. Besides rugged demands, we also can see rack mount designs that match a server system infrastructure. A handheld device also needs to be light for carrying.


Scalable design

Dual system redundancy

Long-term supply

Replaceable main board

100~240V AC Input

10.1" Touch Panel

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