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Are you a fan of medical TV shows? When you watched those shows, you normally see many IMAGES on the screens from the operating rooms or any kind of high-tech device. Is there any difference between this kind of Surgical Display and a screen that we use in daily life?

If you think further about the use of a monitor in medical scenarios, the first thought of demands should be image-guided needs. A display uses in surgery or other diagnosis situations ensures a real-life presentation of the patient’s anatomy. It is absolutely vital when used in image-guided surgery. The image needs to be rendered instantly, so the doctor’s hand-eye coordination can work well. Surgical displays come in various shapes and forms while deployed in the hospital. Some are near-patient and some are large for operations. Some are touch monitors, and some are control screens.


Since the highest quality is the image-guided performance, resolution in the surgical display is the key. With full HD or even 4K, it makes allows clinicians to see more anatomical detail. 4K also brings a wider observation with rich color-correct which provides depth perception. The other factor that affects image quality is luminance. Advanced technologies eliminate artifacts and noise and provide backlight stabilization and brightness concurrently. Local contrast and no color shift off-angle are both considerations for a surgical display. They help prevent the over-brightening of dark areas and non-standing directly respectively.


There are so many images processing through. Video integration is common to design with integrated adapters to enable conversion and streaming. And to ensure safety (what if a technique issue happened during the operation?) critical displays have an automated failover feature to ensure a backup signal.


We have discussed medical device fundamental requirements in the Smart Healthcare Solutions series. So the surgical display also needs to meet the following requirements,
Antimicrobial surface
Waterproof & Sealed (IP65 rating)
Superior Cleanliness with Fanless Design
IEC 60601-1 Standard (electrical & radiation safety)


Especially, devices in the operation room need to reduce any risks that would induce danger while people move around. Cables should be neatly hidden. Another important feature beyond the waterproof sealed bezel that medical-grade computers need is a fanless design. Not only are fans points of failure for computers, but they disperse dust, germs, and airborne bacteria that cannot be introduced into clean environments. Without fans, the products also can reach low noise.


Fanless Panel PC

M.2 Slot x2
USB 3.0 x 2
mPCIe Slot x2

Support RS232/422/485

15.6 inch 16:9
P-CAP touch screen

12~36VDC Wide range input

0 to 60°C
Wide range operating

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