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Netiotek 2022 in Review

Netiotek 2022 in Review

Netiotek 2022 in Review

Strengthen in Asia, Grow in Middle East Europe. A Best Partner for Intelligent Healthcare & Automation

Strengthen in Asia, Grow in Middle East Europe

Netiotek deployed a series of activities for “Strengthen in Asia, Growth in Middle East Europe”. We hope to deepen the bonds with our customers and expand the markets in Asia through directly dialogues such as matchmaking meetings, partnering meetings and any sort of opportunities. Meanwhile, we landed on Czech Republic in person to exhibit our capability to Middle East Europe. We are looking forward to further collaborations in Europe.

With 2 decades of experience in embedded computing board design and embedded system design, we focus on “Smart Manufacturing” & “Smart Healthcare” to address the trend of Industry 4.0, 5G and IIoT. We want to leverage our capability in edge computing, and release our latest series of motherboards & rugged computers. Hope to help customers upgrade their production line or equipment in operating seamlessly. Making legacy devices with modern ones cooperate work together and reach a faster, higher performance. To increase productivity, efficiency and to reduce the risks.

Even though we were only available to use online/ virtual/ and remote way to develop business in first half of 2022. We still tried to extend our experiences from working with Indian customers and to deploy our strategies more aggressively in India through a variety of matchmaking meeting and online business events. Similar strategies applied to Northeast Asia. We attended Broadcast & Communication Week to exhibit our categories, joint the business events and have discussions in BIO-ICT conference. We have closed relationship with Singapore customers, so we leveraged it to development in Southeast Asia. We started out a virtual booth at Malaysia Expo and exhibited our catalogs in Taiwan Pavilion at DigiTech ASEAN Thailand. Having collaborating with telecom related company of Lebanon, we also joint Taiwan Pavilion at Jimex 2022, Jordan.

As the restrictions lifted in second half of 2022, there were more and more in-person events around the world. In September, we met Lithuania companies in person and have discussions on laser techniques. We appreciate to have chances meeting these great companies. In October, we went to Czech Republic to exhibit at 2022 MSV, Brno. The number of participants increased by 20%, and the extent of the expo grew by three exhibition halls to eight exhibition halls. Over 52,000 visitors came in to see the fair over the four days, a 50 percent increase over last year. 2022 MSV is back to its pre-covid magnitude. To echo to the theme of the fair: digitalization, we collaborated with our strong partners, FATEK Automation Corp. and Taiwan OPTICKS Technology to showcase our solution of Smart Production Line.

Being in part of Taiwan Pavilion, we have nice opportunities to connect with excellent Taiwan precision industry: Shieh Yih Machinery Industry, Hsin Huan Lung Machine Industry, Rungu Enterprise, Petseals Industries, Flying Rays International Trade. We also visited some countries of Europe later: Poland, Lithuania, Germany, and Switzerland, to understand the operations of supply chain. It helped us to plan development in Europe in 2023.

Metaverse Era- Virtual booth

In a time of Meta & VR, we realized that a 24/7 and more interactional booth can offer opportunities to buyers worldwide. Therefore, we started a virtual booth at Malaysia Expo in August. It let us learn how to provide more specific information and reach out buyers around the world. In November, we were invited as an exhibitor of Buy.Taipei. It is the first one meta stage in Taiwan held by Taipei government. In this meta booth, we also got chances to connect with buyers in Thailand & Japan through Taiwan-Thai Day & Taiwan-Japan BIO-ICT day. We are looking forward to more opportunities in 2023.

Develop A Smart Factory Together

The concept of Industry 4.0 is considered a smart factory that integrates the applications throughout the hardware, software, and system. As the ICT industry reaches maturity, intelligent manufacturing is coming to reality.


Smart Factory makes information readily available and visible. Visibility brought a radical transformation. Real-time information shortens decision-making time and increases the speed of the manufacturing process. Netiotek use its sophisticated capabilities to design motherboards for production line, machineries, test & measurement equipment, control panels and other monitor systems. The special techniques in extension design help customers to tailor quickly and is capable with legacy devices. IP- rate embedded panel PCs support easy to operate dash boards.


FATEK is engaged in PLC design and development for over 30 years. The product line focuses on PLC, HMI, IoT solutions, SCADA application software, OPC Server and power supply, etc. OPTICKS TECHNOLOGY focuses on bringing the new technology of high resolution, high speed, high accuracy inspection solutions to the automation market, including 2D & 3D applications. Their wide range of services from hardware components, and optical system design, to the system-level solution of inspection and automation.

Expediting AIoT with More Possibility The scalable Rug Series also presents greater expansion capabilities

Ruggoe PC


Netiotek Compact Fanless PC is designed with low power consumption components







Whitepaper of Smart Manufacturing


If you are interested in intelligent product line, welcome to download the white paper for free to know more about Netiotek’s Solution!

Best Partner for Intelligent Healthcare

Smart healthcare is important and is destined to become a hot topic, especially in a time of the global pandemic, smart health care became an accelerated trend. Many companies are developing products and technologies.

The whole picture of smart health mainly includes preventive care, digital diagnosis, and hospital & home telehealth. The goal is to deliver better diagnostic upfront or readily. It depends on the technology development. The advanced technologies of edge computing are the central brain for the smart healthcare system and with its high-performance processor, the system can sustain a heavy workload.

Netiotek has supported customers in medical care with various panel PCs and control & extension boards. We released the latest boards which with Edge Computing GPU. It can make customers to upgrade devices & systems seamlessly.

Continuous Improvement, An endeavor to 2023

Besides development in newest technologies, we also dedicate ourselves in zero emission and environmentally friendly. We deployed Digital 2.0 in our operations. It significantly reduced paper consuming. As well as deploying Agile Management process, we became a lean management company and react to customers’ requests speedily. Keeping in connection with new generations, we co-worked with students of National Taipei University of Business and Meta to learn how to leverage digital marketing to showcase our products and services more clearly and precisely to our target audiences.


We are looking forward to 2023, to keep the development in Asia and Europe. We will visit Embedded World 2023, Hannover Messe 2023 and Manufacturing World Japan. And will exhibit in 2023 MSV and 2023 SPS, Nuremberg. We hope to have more and deeper connection with our customers.



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