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2022 Taiwan-Lithuania Business Day

2022 Taiwan-Lithuania Business Day

2022 Taiwan-Lithuania Business Day

Lithuania Vice Minister of the Economy and Innovation Karolis Zemaitis led a delegation of 28 officials and representatives to further strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and Lithuania. The business Day was held on September 12th, 2022 by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and External Trade Development Council. The new representative of the Lithuania office, Paulius Lukauskas also attended the business day.


The delegation is from laser and biotechnology companies. They aimed at seeking economic and technological cooperation, andexplore business opportunities of over US$30 million.

The visit was “a display of Taiwan and Lithuania being faithful partners at the front line of democracy,” the minister, Zemaitis, said in a statement.


We are glad to have the opportunity to join the Business Day. Having a chance to discuss with Ortho Baltic how to implement the latest embedded computing technologies and learn the newest technique in the orthopedic field. Looking forward to new corporations in the near future. 

2022 Taiwan-Lithuania Business Day

Our member met Ortho Baltic Representatives in the Business Day

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