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Embedded World 2024


Nuremberg, Germany



The Embedded World 2024 Expo is the leading international fair for embedded systems. It will be held from 9 to 11 April 2024 at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg in Germany. It is a global platform and a place to meet for the entire embedded community, including leading experts, key players and industry associations from all over the world.

What awaits you at #ew24

The realm of embedded systems encompasses a diverse range of elements, spanning hardware, software, services, and tools. Annually held in Nuremberg, the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference serves as a pivotal gathering for the global embedded community, offering a comprehensive insight into the latest advancements within this dynamic industry.


The expo will showcase the latest products and solutions for embedded systems, such as hardware, software, services, tools, electronic displays, embedded vision, M2M communication, safety and security, IC and IP design, and more. It will also feature a diverse and rich supporting programme, such as conferences, forums, panels, awards, student day, and Women for EW.

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Trade Fair Highlight

The whole show was spotting on AI-accelerated Edge. In the show, you may see powerful accelerators attached to the CPU. Even though the power consumption or solution details are still too high and got lots of room for improvement in deploying Nvdia, you still can see the big trend in that. We also saw software frameworks started to pave the way in embedded systems. Mostly focusing on user interface (UI) and car infotainment systems. And also tools for Linux maintenance and security batching. It seems like “moving micro controller-based systems to CPU -based systems” is here to stay. More significantly, Arm-platforms will squeeze the place for Atom-class CPUs to have performance in a level equal to i3-CPU. And the perfect platform for these new CPUs is SMARC. Which with a wide portfolio covering low power and price to high performance and midrange price.


To showcase our IoT gateway also gave us chances to interact with the whole embedded network. We gained different feedback for many aspects. On our way to deliver good service & products to customers, we will keep optimizing the whole solution. Make it more user-friendly, and more effective.


We also feel honored to join this great show with our partner “Embedian”. They offer SMARC ARM-base modules, single board computers,s and box PCs. We are looking forward to further collaboration in fulfilling the edge side product line for the AI-accelerated IoT solution future.

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Smart Edge

Single Board Computer


Low-Prower Intel Celeron

DIN Rail Computer


Embedded IoT Gateway

Com Express Module: The COM Express Type 10 module is intended for low power platforms

COM Express


Carrier Board Custom Design

Panel PC | HMI


Rugged HMI & Panel PC

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Custom Design

Netiotek specializes in creating custom embedded systems that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our area of expertise includes x86 single boards, COM Express® Type 10, SMARC®, Qseven, baseboards, MCU control boards, FPGA, I/O boards, analog & digital conversion, and power management.


The complexity of embedded systems is constantly increasing – as are the safety requirements. In this interview…

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Foster greater gender diversity in technology

In this interview, Eszter Vezdén, co-founder and CEO of axem, talks about the challenges and joys of a career in the technology industry.

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Sustainability and IoT in the embedded systems industry

At the embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2023 a panel of experts at the exhibitor forum ..

Trade Fair Highlight

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