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CII: The Voice of Indian Industry and a Partner for Taiwan

CII: The Voice of Indian Industry and a Partner for Taiwan

CII: The Voice of Indian Industry and a Partner for Taiwan

CII is dedicated to boosting its members’ global competitiveness through services like creating a favorable business climate, international networking, and policymaker engagement. The organization contributes to shaping policies through research and events, collaborating with the government. CII offers exclusive consultative services through Centers of Excellence, emphasizing global standards and collaboration, with regional offices focusing on SME competitiveness. With over 200 professionals, CII ensures top-notch consultancy for enterprises.


CII plays a vital role in hosting impactful conferences, seminars, and trade fairs, facilitating idea exchange and solutions generation. Key events like The Partnership Summit and India Economic Summit attract diverse participation. As a leader in trade fairs, CII collaborates with governments, particularly supporting SMEs through prestigious events like AutoExpo and AgroSummit. The organization also significantly contributes to business competitiveness through targeted training programs, focusing on quality management and skill development. The Skill Development Initiative, entrusted by the Government of India, aims to position the country as a global skills hub.


CII actively supports Indian companies’ global expansion through inbound and outbound business missions, fostering B2B connectivity and high-level engagements. The organization collaborates with governments and international associations to enhance Brand India and contributes to sectoral and regional/global business connections. In addition, recognition is emphasized through awards like the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence and the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Woman Exemplar Awards annually honor underprivileged women who excel in social or economic leadership.


CII’s wide-ranging publications, covering sectors like infrastructure and sustainable development, serve as valuable resources for global business leaders, diplomats, and government officials. Notable publications include ECONOMY WATCH and ECONOMIC POLICY UPDATE.


Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), CII collaborates with government and NGOs, providing platforms for member engagement in areas like gender equality and public health. Recognizing CSR’s value, CII considers it integral to delivering stakeholder value.

CII News

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Smart Manufacturing in India: A Strategic Partnership with CII

Mordor Intelligence predicts that the Indian industrial automation market will grow from $13.23 billion in 2023 to $25.76 billion in 2028. The Indian IT-BPM industry holds a 56% share in the global outsourcing market. The Indian government’s “Make in India” initiative actively supports the development of the IT/ITeS industry, providing opportunities for industrial computer manufacturers through initiatives like the Digital India program and corresponding incentives. India’s rapid development of digital infrastructure makes its network market highly attractive and competitive.


The Indian smart manufacturing market has significant development potential, particularly in the following areas:


1. Rise of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Indian companies are focusing on utilizing sensors, data analytics, and intelligent control systems in the manufacturing process to achieve efficient, sustainable, and smart manufacturing, driving the demand for industrial computers and embedded systems.


2. Data Analytics and Big Data Applications: Smart manufacturing requires real-time analysis and decision-making with large amounts of data. Industrial computers are widely used in the Indian market to process, store, and analyze big data, enhancing manufacturing process efficiency.


3. Automation and Machine Learning: Smart manufacturing involves automation and machine learning to improve production efficiency and quality. The Indian manufacturing industry is increasingly interested in these technologies, leading to a demand for corresponding industrial computers and control systems.


4. Smart Factory Construction: Companies are investing in smart factories in India, equipped with advanced automation and digital manufacturing systems, including connected devices, industrial robots, and advanced control systems, requiring reliable support from industrial computers.


5. Digital Transformation Support: Indian enterprises are undergoing digital transformation, aiming to improve production processes, enhance productivity, and reduce costs. Industrial computers play a key role in achieving these goals.


6. Security and Compliance: With the digitization of manufacturing systems, security and data privacy are crucial. Industrial computers need to meet relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure the reliability of the manufacturing process and data confidentiality.

TWIN INNOVATION PLATFORM is a platform the TCA wanted to bridge Taiwan & India business opportunities


CII's mission is to promote and develop industry and trade in India.

It’s our pleasure to join TWIN Meet-Up event, hosted by TCA International Cooperation Center in Mumbai to visit CII.

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