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Consumer-centricity: The Key to Digital Success

Consumer-centricity: The Key to Digital Success

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Consumer-centricity: The Key to Digital Success

“Consumer-centricity: The Key to Digital Success” – Uncover strategies and real-world examples emphasizing the transformative power of prioritizing consumers in the digital realm.

Mr. Ganesh N Mandalam, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Xerago, contributes to the panel discussion, sharing insights from Xerago’s perspective on leveraging technology to meet evolving consumer needs, and emphasizing the role of innovation in shaping consumer experiences.


Ms Gayatri Nair, Director – Education & Operations, Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation, an integral part of the panel, discusses the educational and operational landscape at Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation, exploring how digital advancements impact creativity and cultural exchange, aligning with a consumer-centric approach.


Mr. Murali Ramanathan, Vice President – Chief Technology Officer & Global Head AI, Architecture & Technology, Consumer Business Group, Tata Consultancy Services,  shares insights during the interaction session, representing TCS and discussing how the company positions itself as a global leader, utilizing AI and technology to drive innovation that caters to the dynamic demands of a consumer-centric digital era.

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