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2023 Taiwan Slovakia Business Networking

2023 Taiwan Slovakia Business Networking

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2023 Taiwan Slovakia Business Networking

After Slovakia’s Deputy Minister of Economy Karol Galek led an official and business delegation to visit Taiwan in 2021, Peter Svec, the political deputy minister of the Ministry of Economy of Slovakia, led a delegation to Taiwan again this year. Taiwan-Slovakia Economic and Trade Relations keep heating up. The International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and TAITRA specially arranged a “Taiwan-Slovakia Economic and Trade Cooperation Fair” for this visit. They assisted 10 Slovak businessmen and industry associations in finding potential partners in Taiwan. The industries mainly focus on information and communication. (industrial computer, IC design) and green energy (smart waste treatment system, solar agricultural tools), and also arrange relevant industry associations to communicate on the spot. According to statistics, a total of 29 companies have conducted 38 one-on-one negotiations with Slovakia companies. It is expected that Facilitated $25.25 million in business opportunities, great results!


Smart manufacturing is the development trend of the global manufacturing industry. Central and Eastern Europe is the production base of many Western European companies. Slovak companies are also investing in the layout of smart manufacturing, especially in related fields such as electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, and smart cities. In addition, Slovakia has a strong background in heavy industry, and has been very active in research and development in the fields of semiconductors, software development, biotechnology and medical care in recent years, which is also the focus of this industry exchange. And this meeting also contributed to the potential cooperation opportunities between the two parties.


Netiotek currently focus on selling own brand products to India, Central and Eastern Europe and other countries. After meeting with Tachyum s.r.o, a Slovak chip designer, two parties have exchanged the required specifications and contact information. It is expected to carry out the first-generation product design and R & D plan. We believed that more detailed discussion and future cooperation opportunities are just around the corner.

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Taiwan’s exports to Slovakia are mainly screws and nuts, liquid crystal devices, automotive components, and integrated circuits. , Auto parts components and semiconductor equipment, etc., the import value will exceed $300 million in 2022, an increase of 38.7% compared with 2021. The TAITRA stated that although the economic growth of Central and Eastern European countries has slowed down in recent years due to the impact of the pandemic, their superior geographical location, developed manufacturing industry and relatively low production costs compared with the Western European market have become priority option for Taiwan companies to deploy the European market and serve customers nearby.

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