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2023 European Innovation Week

2023 European Innovation Week

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2023 European Innovation Week

Due to the pandemic, “European Innovation Week” finally made its grand re-debut on May 29 after five years. Under the guidance of the Bureau of International Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Foreign Trade Association and the Federation of Industries jointly held the “Taiwan-EU Business and Industrial Cluster Forum and Matchmaking Meeting”. EEN TAIWAN’s matchmaking platform has facilitated a total of 60 industrial clusters and enterprises from Taiwan and Europe, and 101 sessions of negotiations. Among them, 20 industrial clusters and companies from 12 countries in the EU participated, including those from France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Austria, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries; Taiwan has 40 companies participating to promote opportunities for cooperation in innovative R&D.


The matchmaking conference has led to many potential cooperation cases. For example, the French Financial Industry Association negotiated with Chinese companies that provide server platforms and other services. The French Financial Industry Association has many European start-ups and financial enterprise members. This time, I hope to assist in Taiwan Members develop cooperation with various cloud storage platforms and servers. The representative of the French Financial Industry Association pointed out that the European financial system and regulations are quite strict, and customer data preservation is very important for European customers, while Taiwan’s ICT industry is quite mature. further cooperation.


Netiotek participated in this event and conducted in-depth exchanges with Sweden-Mobile Heights and Poland-Polish Technological Platform. Since the two countries still have strong hardware design demand in this field, Taiwan’s robust ICT ecosystem can make up for this gap. We also look forward to future cooperation plans.

European Innovation Week-Netiotek

In recent years, the bilateral trade between my country and the EU has grown steadily. In 2022, the EU will be Taiwan’s third largest export market. The main export items are integrated circuits, bicycle and locomotive parts, computer parts, switches and routers, automatic data processing machines, etc. The total bilateral trade reached US$75.3 billion. Even though Europe was impacted by the Russia-Ukraine war and the economy continued to slump, Taiwan’s total trade and exports to the EU grew by 9.5% and 9.8% respectively. It highlighted Taiwan’s role in the EU supply chain which is in a key position with resilience.

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