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Tech Trends-Qseven

Tech Trends-Qseven

Tech Trends - Qseven

Netiotek-QSeven Module-01

The name Qseven (Q7) is derived from “quadratic” as noted by the Q and seven refers to the 7 x 7 cm (70 x 70mm) size of the module. With a smaller size footprint mobile processor and chipset. The advantage of Q7 is its low power consumption interfaces for mobile and battery-operated (equal or less than 12W). It also matches the requirements for fan-less operations by heat spreader mechanism. Qseven does not require an expensive board-to-board connector and is capable of high-speed PCI Express Graphic (PEG) data transfers.


Concluding the benefits of a product/ solution implemented Qseven is below,


1.Small- One of the smallest computer-on-module form factors (70 x 70mm).


2.Acceleration- Products and system/ solution teams can focus on core values and deliver a better user experience rapidly.


3.Longevity- Qseven modules are available between 5 to 15 years from launch.


4.Reliable- High reliable performance function and high assessable integration.


5.Rugged- Operation under a wild range of temperatures ranging from -40 to +85°C, waterproof support, and other harsh conditions.


By distributing intelligence and insights to the production floor, mobile devices consolidate information, accessibility, and computing power into a single platform that can give any employee use with minimal training. In a smart factory for intelligent manufacturing, there are some scenarios suitable to deploy mobile device solutions. Inventory management needs a speedier workflow for barcode scanning and inventory updates. Production needs rapid information to monitor downtime, and problems, and to anticipate potential failures. 

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