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Tech Trends-FPGA

Tech Trends-FPGA

Tech Trends - FPGA

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FPGA stands for field-programmable gate array. It is an integrated circuit that implements code in hardware to execute a thousand times faster than in a processor. These circuits, or arrays, consist of configurable logic blocks (CLBs), memory, or other elements.


The medical industry has moved from primitive solutions to a lot of technology over time. These medical applications include diagnostic imaging, electromedical, therapeutics, and life science & hospital equipment. Diagnostic imaging systems such as X-ray and ultrasound have been in use for decades. Other systems, which include computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and nuclear or positron emission tomography (PET), are newer. These new diagnostic imaging systems are complex and image-processing intensive, needing processing technology to run calculations on that data. FPGAs came to their best-fit place.


FPGAs’ rapid growth over the past decade because of the wide range of applications they can handle. For instance, it has become a major subject of research and utilization in biomedical engineering like a wireless body sensor network, diagnostic imaging, electromedical segments, cardiac management, genomics/life science, etc. 


Embedded systems with FPGAs offer a flexible, low-risk path to successful system design. They provide good cost efficiencies along with value-added capabilities and long-life cycles for diverse applications. An FPGA-based product can be revised in production more quickly than other devices due to it can be changed by entering a new code. The cost is reasonable for low and moderate-volume applications. Such great potential makes it a suitable avenue to offer products to various solutions. 



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