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Touch Panel | MORTU-1560

Touch screen devices quickly have become the standard in many applications because users expect to interact with the touch of a finger. What are touch panels? They are also known as touch panels or touch monitors that allow people to operate computers through direct touch. A monitor with internal sensors can detect the signal when a user touches it. Then the device translates it into an instructional command that parlays into visible function. If we delve into the techniques that can make a screen “touchable,” there are four types of designs in regular use. 


.Resistive Touch

It is the most cost-effective design, and the detect commands are by way of pressures placed on the screen. But the pressure sensitivity is generally limited to single-point touch.

.Infrared Touch

This kind of touch panel is within setting up a grid of infrared beams across the panel, and the touch signal is detected by way of this panel’s disruption. An infrared touch monitor may support multi-touch, but the environmental conditions would affect the performance.

.Optical imagine

With two or more image sensors that use infrared lights to determine the point of touch, which means it supports multi-touch, optical imagine touch screen became the most versatile option. 

.Projected Capacitive

Projected capacitive touch is electrical-based detection. And it is also known for its high precision and high-speed response times. Despite supporting multi-touch function, the other strong capacity of a projected capacitive screen is available to implement in small & compacted devices.


We learned that not all touch interfaces are equally responsive and effective. However, each type may have its niche when it comes to cost-efficiency. As a customized industrial computer provider, Netiotek always keeps customers’ needs and preferences in mind. We can help customers to analyze the requirements for a product and determine the best-fit hardware design for its size-matched size, user-friendly UI, and work-efficient system structure. 



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