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2023 Arm Tech Symposia

2023 Arm Tech Symposia

Arm Tech Symposia 2023

Seven One-Day Events Across Four Regions

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Arm Tech Symposia 2023 kicked off its first forum in Taipei, showcasing the computing power and ecosystem collaboration of Arm platform in the age of AI. First, James McNiven introduced how Arm provides industry-leading performance and software support in the age of AI, and creates new opportunities. Then, three industry leaders discussed the application of AI in edge computing from different perspectives, sharing their insights and experiences. Finally, eight technology deep-dive sessions allowed participants to interact and brainstorm on specific technical topics. This article shows the wonderful content of Arm Tech Symposia 2023, and lets us see the great potential and ecosystem strength of Arm platform in the age of AI.


In addition to the forum held in Taipei, Arm also collaborated with several industry leaders to promote the innovation and development of AI. Arm partnered with NVIDIA to adapt NVIDIA TAO, a low-code open source AI tool, to Ethos-U NPU, helping developers create and deploy high-performance visual AI models. Arm partnered with Meta to bring PyTorch, a leading open source AI and ML framework, to the edge of mobile and embedded platforms based on Arm, and launched ExecuTorch, a tool that makes it easier for developers to deploy advanced neural networks. Arm also collaborated with AMD, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm and other companies to develop a series of foundational frameworks, technologies and specifications, providing the conditions for more than 15 million Arm developers to create next-generation AI experiences in various computing domains.

These collaborations demonstrate Arm’s leadership and influence in the AI field, as well as the importance and diversity of Arm’s computing platform in the age of AI. Arm not only provides heterogeneous computing IP combinations suitable for various applications and markets, but also provides a complete software ecosystem and computing framework to achieve optimal computing performance and security. Arm’s vision is to build the future of computing in the age of AI, and to realize this vision with its extensive ecosystem partners.

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