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TWIN Meet Up in Mumbai!

TWIN Meet Up in Mumbai!

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TWIN Meet Up in Mumbai!

It’s our pleasure to join TWIN Meet-Up event, hosted by TCA International Cooperation Center in Mumbai to visit CII and other companies.


The International Cooperation Center of TCA was established in 2021 with the mission of boosting international collaboration. ICC is dedicated to promoting and facilitating cross industry cooperation between Taiwan and overseas bodies. Emphasizing on the topic of startups and smart city, ICC aims to explore all possibilities and eliminate any border or barrier.

Below is a review of what we learned through the evet.

CII is a prominent Indian industry association founded in 1895. Its mission is to promote and develop industry and trade in India. CII actively influences government policies to support economic growth. It boasts a diverse membership, including large corporations and SMEs.

And also engages in a wide range of activities, including organizing events and providing research and training services. Since CII focuses on sustainable development, skill development, technology, and innovation, we are looking forward to the opportunities to network with more industry leaders and experts.

TAIT was formed in March 1996 to represent the interest of IT community in the ecosystem of Distributors / Sub-distributors / Resellers, System Integrators & Service Providers. TAIT has over 350+ members representing the complete spectrum of IT organizations.

Thanks to TCA for arranging the dinner with CII, India companies, and Ms. Chen, from Taiwan Representatives Abroad, Ministry of Economic Affairs Office Abroad. We enjoyed the amazing taste of Indian food and also had a great talk there.

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