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Marine Integrated Bridge System (IBS)

EN60945, IACS E10 Certified Touch Screen & Panel PC

The main technology development in maritime is its integrated bridge system (IBS). Through the intelligent consolidation of various subsystems such as execution of passage, communications, machinery control, cargo operations, and safety and security, it may improve the performance of control efficiency by providing real-time information. As well as to reduce the manpower cost and energy consumption.
Touch screen monitors and panel PCs implementation expands the possibility in a dashboard display of the control system. With an industrial-grade design, the system can operate stably 24/7 in harsh environments, such as sun exposure, huge temperature variation, high vibration, thundering, or seawater corrosion. To verify the reliability and duration, the electronic products of an IBS system are EMC certificated. Meanwhile, they also need to pass EN60945, IACS E19, DNV2.4 to be suitable under wide temperatures & humidity. And compliant with IP65 and other Maritime application requirements.

EN/IEC 60945 EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) requirement also addresses the standard for the anti-interference of the radio frequency between the nearby electronic devices. However, to ensure the devices can operate as required in the presence of electrical and electromagnetic interference and other electrical threats. A marine device or part should also be capable and not cause a short circuit when operating under the wide temperature from -15°C up to 55°C and a wide range of humidity from 5%~95%. Considering the environment is necessary to meet at least IP65 for water and dust protection. Det Norske Veritas standard for certification No 2.4 (DNV 2.4) is the general standard marine navigation and communication equipment. It includes EMC and anti-vibration requirements. The requirement of anti-vibration needs to meet 0.7 g @ DNV 2.4 (Class A). It is according to a range between 3Hz ~ 100 Hz. Therefore, quality-assured marine devices need sophisticated design experience and specific know-how to select suitable components.


With many years of experience in embedded solutions and successful stories, Netio has specific know-how in maritime applications. Our excellent skill in HW design provides the all-in-one fan-less device to prevent water or dust. Users may benefit from the touch panel that can easily switch to different control dashboards. The use of each function button is intuitive and can adjust its brightness without installing software. All touch screens monitors and panel PCs for maritime design to meet IEC/EN60945, IACS E10 DNV2.5 with IP65, anti-shock, and anti-vibration requirements.


Our custom maritime touch screens and panel PCs have been used in many applications. Click to get more details of our products.


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