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Smart City- ASEAN Green City & Sustainability

Smart City- ASEAN Green City & Sustainability

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Smart City- ASEAN Green City & Sustainability

About Smart City EXPO

The 2024 Smart City Expo, in its eleventh edition, adopts the theme of “Digital and Green Dual Transformation,” attracting global players in smart cities and zero-carbon emissions industries.


The Zero Emission City Exhibition on the 4th floor of the Nangang Exhibition Center will showcase the government’s 2050 zero-emission plan policies. Seven major departments participating have set up Zero Emission Policy Vision Centers to outline relevant project responsibilities. This includes the Urban Zero Emission Theme Pavilion, green financial solutions from various banks, zero-emission achievements from state-owned enterprises or large corporations, and advanced zero-emission technology achievements from research institutions. Meanwhile, on the 1st floor of the Nangang Exhibition Center and at the Kaohsiung Smart City Exhibition, various solutions for zero emissions will be showcased, such as smart transportation, smart buildings, smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, smart energy, smart education, smart agriculture, and smart governance.

Netiotek joined some events below and would like to share our insight.

MatchMade Asia: Taiwan, India, ASEAN Green City Business Networking

The Taipei Computer Association, in partnership with Smart City Expo 2024, is organizing MatchMade Asia: Taiwan, India, ASEAN Green City Business Networking!

This B2B matchmaking event is a great opportunity to network with Taiwanese companies interested in the Indian and ASEAN markets.


Date: March 19, 2024

Time: 13:00-17:00 Taipei time

Location: 701H, Hall 2, Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei, Taiwan

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India’s Smart Cities Mission aims to create 100 smart cities across the country. The focus is on sustainable and inclusive development and the idea is to look at compact areas, create a replicable model which will act like a lighthouse to other aspiring cities. The mission has made significant progress with a large number of projects completed and many others underway.


Thailand is working towards transforming three provinces into smart cities as part of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) initiative. The country aims to achieve 100 smart cities by 2024, focusing on enhancing trade, investment, and regional transportation, and is a strategic gateway to Asia. The development is supported by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) and involves public-private partnerships3.


Indonesia is also embracing the smart city concept, with plans to move its capital from Jakarta to Nusantara in East Kalimantan. This move is expected to promote a more sustainable and efficient way of conducting business, utilizing advancements in technology for a greener, more digitally advanced capital. The Smart City Movement introduced in 2017 aims to develop 100 smart cities by 2045, focusing on technology and innovation to address urban challenges4.

These initiatives reflect a growing trend in the region towards urban modernization and sustainable development, leveraging technology to improve the quality of life for citizens.

The DNA of Intelligence Smart Manufacturing 2024

Date: 2024/03/19
Location: Taipei International Convention Center(TICC)

In the past five years, smart technology development has accelerated globally, with several key trends emerging: AI and ML have seen significant advancements, with applications ranging from predictive analytics to autonomous systems. AI is expected to have a transformative impact on various sectors. IoT technology has expanded rapidly, connecting a multitude of devices and sensors, enabling smart homes, cities, and industries to operate more efficiently. The rollout of 5G networks has provided the backbone for high-speed connectivity that is essential for the operation of smart technologies, facilitating faster data transfer rates and improved network reliability. Blockchain technology has been increasingly adopted for its security features, especially in financial services, supply chain management, and identity verification There’s a growing focus on sustainable computing to reduce the environmental impact of technology. This includes the development of energy-efficient data centers and the use of renewable energy sources.

“In this forum, Mr. Huang Qin Yong shared the changing role of Taiwan’s technology industry in the global market and how Taiwanese manufacturers and related businesses can find a niche in the wave of smart manufacturing. Other related businesses also shared how the integration of technology between the OT (Operational Technology) layer and the IT (Information Technology) layer can allow businesses to implement more painless and expedited feedback on cost-effectiveness.

Sustainable City

Date: 2024/03/21
Location: digiBlock Taipei


Siemens has been actively pursuing sustainable development in manufacturing, guided by their DEGREE framework which focuses on environment, social, and governance aspects. Here’s a summary of their key initiatives:

Environmental Stewardship, Sustainable Product Lifecycle, Compliance & Sustainability, Technology & Collaboration, and Sustainability Reporting. Following their strategies, they provided a one-stop service for customers who want to be parts of the contribution in Greener Globe. The significant solution is by using simulation to help customers to reduce materials in prototype fabrication, and rework in huge scale construction.


CYBERNET addresses Smart Wearable Solutions for smart manufacturing with their proud product- RealWear HMT-1Z1. It has passed multiple safety certifications (PCEC, IECEx, NEC500, CSA, ATEX), and is a robust, durable head-mounted device that can be used in wet, dusty, potentially flammable, and explosive hazardous environments. It can be attached to safety helmets or bump caps and can be used in conjunction with safety goggles or glasses. The high-resolution micro-display is positioned below your line of sight, providing a display effect equivalent to a 7-inch tablet. It can be used as an industrial instrument panel; when not in use, it can be adjusted to a position that does not interfere with your line of sight. The HMT-1Z1 is equipped with core application software from solution partners, all optimized for hands-free voice interaction. This means that without the need to scroll, swipe, or click, simple voice commands can achieve remote expert video calls, intelligent document retrieval, digital workflow, paperless mobile forms, and industrial IoT data visualization.


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