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Rugged PC

Rugged PC





Data Center


Temperature -40 to 85°C

Up to 32 GB DDR4 2666/ 2400 SDRAM

1 x SATA

Size 200(W)x165 (D) x 70(H)(mm)

1 x SSD

2 x USB3.0


A rugged computer or ruggedized computer is a specialized computer. It is designed to operate reliably in harsh usage environments and conditions. Especially to deploy at the edge, the environmental conditions are the basic level qualification. However, besides specific use for the extreme scenarios, when a rugged PC needs to be also “thin” for limited space the design also faces thermal and power management. 

Challenges for rugged computer design are:

1.Shock and vibration

2.Temperature and humidity

3.Corrosion and abrasion

4.Minimal size, weight, andpower (SWaP)

5.Acoustic noise reduction

6.Low pressure/altitude

7.Ingress protection

8.Electromagnetic interference

Netiotek’s design features:

1. Higher and lower operating temperatures than typical commercial components. 

2. Design: reduction of cabling, the addition of liquid cooling and heat sinks, and rugged materials, are made to ensure performance in harsh environments.

3. Fully sealed to protect against intrusion by dust or liquids. 

4. Offer mobile solutions- tablets and laptops.


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