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Smart Solutions, Strong Partnerships:
Netiotek and PULSY Leading the IoT Revolution

PULSY is a Malaysia company located in the city of Cyberjaya which was founded in 2018. Their skillful team provides SaaS IoT Platform for Smart Workspace IoT Solution that empowers business to optimize their operations through advanced sensing and analytics technologies. The solutions covered Health Care, Transport, and Agriculture that can address Environment Monitoring, Environment Sustainability, Climate Change, Air Quantified, Space Quantified, and Transport Quantified.

Exploring the Thriving IoT Landscape in Malaysia

The IoT market in Malaysia is poised for significant growth, projected to reach $2.05 billion USD in 2023 with a robust annual compound growth rate of 22.2%. Key sectors driving this expansion include ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Smart Manufacturing’, ‘Smart Agriculture’, ‘Smart Transportation’, and ‘Smart Energy’.


Focal points include:

1. Smart Cities

2. Agricultural and Rural IoT Applicationsnagement.

3. Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing

4. Smart Healthcare

5. Retail and Logisticso


To address these challenges, the Malaysian government has introduced the ‘Industry 4.0 Policy,’ supporting SMEs in digital transformation through funding, tax incentives, and technical assistance. Major manufacturers like ‘Intel,’ ‘Texas Instruments,’ and ‘Toshiba’ are already embracing smart manufacturing solutions, signaling a broader trend in the industry.

PULSY: A Company that Brings Innovation and Intelligence to IoT

PULSY offers various solutions for indoor air quality, transport and delivery order management, and location tracking using state-of-the-art sensing and cloud computing technologies.


They also provides IoT consultations, prototype development, software development, and cloud computing services to help clients improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences.

Awards & Recognition


Exciting News: PULSY Technology Sdn. Bhd. and i-CATS University College (i-CATS UC) Forge a Groundbreaking MOU!

This month, Sarawak, under the organization of Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC), hosted…


Bringing Compunding Power and IoT Innovation and Intelligence

With a shared vision of bringing innovation and intelligence to IoT, PULSY and Netiotek have formed a strategic partnership to offer customized and high-performance IoT solutions for the Malaysian market. 


Combining PULSY’s cutting-edge IoT sensing and cloud computing technologies and Netiotek’s robust industrial computer system design and manufacturing capabilities, the partnership provides solutions for various sectors and applications, such as healthcare, marine, smart factories, and intelligent transportation. 


As promising to be in the IoT field, PULSY and Netiotek have demonstrated their excellence and innovation in various international events and exhibitions.

Since 2023, Netiotek is partnering with Pulsy to deliver IoT Solutions to Taiwan, Malaysia, and worldwide customers.
Since 2023, Netiotek is partnering with Pulsy to deliver IoT Solutions to Taiwan, Malaysia, and worldwide customers.

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PULSY’s Services

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