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HMI | Human Machine Interface HMI01-803 | Human Machine Interface


8" Human Machine Interface





Data Center


Fanless Panel PC

3x USB2.0
1x USB3.0
1x mini-PCIe

Support RS232/422/485

4:3 8" touch panel

Wide range power input 12V~60V


Our customizable HMI designs include multiple sizes of LCD panel touch screens (3.5″/ 10.4”/ 12”/ 15″)  with resolutions up to 1024*768 or 1280*1024 (SVGA) and 1,000 nits brightness. The Panel PC comes with a scratchable panel design and can have an IP65 front for industrial applications. The mini-PCIe support WWAN/WLAN expansion and others via dual Gigabit Ethernet connectors. With a wide power input of 12V~60V, HMI01-803can gain a strong foothold in the industrial field and mechanical devices.

For Industry 4.0 / smart factory applications, it is important to maintain the stability and security of the connection between the control room and operating places. Our designs combine the rich I/O, COM ports, and Ethernet ports. It may help to build a secure and independent network system. In telecom and server applications, besides mentioned above, our products include mobile HMI devices such as rugged tablets. It can facilitate monitoring mobility.

HMIs come in a variety of forms, from built-in screens on machines, to computer monitors, to tablets, but regardless of their format or which term you use to refer to them, their purpose is to provide insight into mechanical performance and progress. Nowadays, it’s also a common solution in medical devices, when the design of the product includes an anti-bacterial surface, low noise, and EN/IEC60601 compliance.


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