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2023 Automation Taipei and Intelligent Asia(OPTICKS)

2023 Automation Taipei and Intelligent Asia(OPTICKS)

2023 Automation Taipei and Intelligent Asia

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OPTICKS TECHNOLOGY, as an agent of optical components, has continuously absorbed the latest and most cutting-edge new technologies from advanced countries such as the United States and Japan for many years.


they bring these latest automation technologies to the customers of manufacturing industry in Taiwan and Asia. In recent years, we have also carried out secondary development of various products we represent to provide customers with highly integrated optical module (sub-system) equipment. Customers can import them into their machines faster, more efficiently, make the functions of industrial applications more complete, surely enhance the competitiveness of the market.


Opticks Technology has shown great interest in various precision optical instruments, including Linescan multispectral flash modules, open flash modules, Areascan high-speed flash modules, high-speed time-sharing synchronous imaging line scan detection systems, high-speed CIS line scan cameras and other precision measuring instruments, etc.


This exhibition also provides free Linescan camera testing services, allowing visitors to bring their own samples for testing, so that the exhibits are no longer a one-way display, but can fully interact with visitors.


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