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2023 Automation Taipei and Intelligent Asia(ADLINK)

2023 Automation Taipei and Intelligent Asia(ADLINK)

2023 Automation Taipei and Intelligent Asia

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ADLINK Technology has announced the launch of the SuperCAT, a software-defined EtherCAT motion controller. This release marks a significant advancement in EtherCAT control solutions, enhancing performance, and streamlining the integration of automation processes while offering cost-effective hardware and effortless software configuration. It surpasses hardware limitations such as computing power and bandwidth, enabling seamless communication within the system and boosting overall performance and productivity in industries such as semiconductors, optoelectronics, and electric manufacturing.


SuperCAT outperforms hardware-based controllers by extending the capability from 64 to 128 axes and achieving a faster cycle time of 125μs based on computing power. Integrating with RTOS (Real-time Operating System), SuperCAT enables efficient multitasking, ensuring precise and deterministic execution by simultaneous development across multiple teams developing motion control, machine vision, and data processing.


As a cost-effective solution, SuperCAT demonstrates flexibility in both software functionality and hardware configuration. The software provides three levels of functional options for users: point-to-point, interpolation, and application-ready packages. Additionally, the SuperCAT is available in both USB and file license versions, accommodating different setup preferences and hardware performance for industrial PCs that support Intel® Atom® to Xeon® processors. This allows users to select the best-suited combination for their applications.


Read the whole article: https://www.automation-fair.com/adlink-supercat-advancement-in-ethercat-for-motion-controller/



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